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How to Build a Sandworm Head

Now for the Fun part!
Remember this? This is the frame supporting the head. Just add chicken wire and masking tape.

Add a PVC toilet flange at the bottom of the frame. This has dual purpose: horizontal rotation of the head during it's creation and later, it is used to attach the head to the cart. Eye hooks are added to the frame in 4 places so the head can be hung from the ceiling for added support (when it's weight increases) and for vertically rotating the head so the flip side can be easily accessed.

Now the paper mache begins, not only for the external head structure but also for the pieces and parts that will ultimately be the inner head/jaws.

"Many hands make light work" (Thanks for all your help, Gail!)

The inner head is inserted to the external head and attached with zip ties and wire. MANY zip ties were used on this project.

Make teeth.

"Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Something From the Oven!"

             ... mmmmmm Teeth!

Two different colors (for the inner and outer worm). The darker teeth will eventuallly get a "striping".

Heat up the glue gun and put all those teeth in! On second thought, they're pretty sharp. Might be a good idea to paint the inside of that mouth first :-)

Now is a good time to test fit the tongue (Length and method of attachment)

After the teeth are affixed, apply "cloth mache" around each tooth to make the "gums" look more realistic and stronger.
(Technique details can be found in the books on the previous page).

Cloth mache both heads, on top of the paper mache, to make them more durable, stronger and have a more interesting texture.

Click Here - How to Finish the Sandworm.

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