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How to Finish a Sandworm

Now for the REALLY Fun part!
The eyes are made from school bus tail-light, replacement lenses.

Add lips. Yes, Sandworms actually DO have lips. Green ones, at that!

Start Painting. Don't forget that Sandworms are striped.

Airbrush through spooky lace, on top of the paint, to give the Sandworm some creepy character.

Attach LED strobing, programed lights to the tongue and red worm eyes. Add battery LED lights for the inner worm's eyes. Paint a few freckles.

Turn off the lights, turn on the Sandworm and admire the splendor.

The song on the radio at that moment names the Sandworm....

Turn up the Sound !

How to support and carry the Sandworm head during the Parade?

Get a cart and modify it. (Thanks Tim!)

When assembled on-site at the Parade, the cart will carry both the Head and the frame for the front of the Sandworm body. It's not so simple to construct but can definitely be used in future parades with future monsters.

There may be sleepless nights...
It may take a few iterations...

But the end result: Smooth Corinthian snake print leather curtain, attached flash lights, new and improved metal Sandworm head pole, internal tool box, wooden chocks and turbo charged with glass packs.

You are now ready to Roll.

Grab 7 or 8 Sandworm Wranglers...

(They're a FIERCE group)

...and load the whole Sandworm and cart into a 24 foot rental truck.

Have Fun at the Parade!!

Turn up the Sound !

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