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Little Ricky Has a Checkered Past

Little Ricky (as he is known by the Monster Troupe), is the unfortunate shrunken-head, big game hunter from the Beetlejuice movie. He is associated with the Witch Dr. who apparently has some culpability in his current condition.

From the 1988 movie "BEETLEJUICE"

Created in 2014, Little Ricky wreaked havoc with the individuals wearing him at the Halloween Parade in both 2014 & 2015. In fact, he (and the persons wearing him) never made it off of Pierce Island (starting point for the Parade) or through the Parade route either year.

The 2015, he additionally showed his displeasure by targeting the vehicle that transported him to the Parade. The new SUV worked fine during the trip to Pierce Island on the way to the Parade. But when the vehicle was started to go home, a tie-dye image was displayed on the Navigation screen. It never worked again and the entire unit was later replaced.

From the 1988 movie "BEETLEJUICE"

Everyone agreed:

1) Nobody wanted to wear Little Ricky ever again and 

2) Little Ricky had Bad JuJu.

So the following year, the Members of the Troupe organized a ceremony to exorcise the Bad JuJu out of Little Ricky. It was decided that this needed to occur outside of the house because that JuJu needed to escape somewhere. After the ceremony, saging, crystals and application of the African mask, Little Ricky felt much better.

Later that year, (2016), Little Ricky went on sabbatical and participated in the Press Room's Annual Public Hanging. He and the Snake Monster graced the walls of the Press Room for the month of October.

In anticipation of the 2017 Parade, Little Ricky was outfitted with his own chair on wheels and a Wrangler to push him.

Additionally, to be sure his head was "on-straight", the Port City Makerspace helped motorize his head.

Little Ricky made a friend at the
Port City Makerspace.


This mechanism, allowed the wearer to manually turn the head from side to side

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